Types of Rings for Every Occasion

Types of Rings for Every Occasion

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Are you approaching a special date, and your great choice is to get a ring of such beauty that will stay by your side from the very first moment? However, did you know that there are different types of rings that you can wear on your hands or give to your loved one? To find the perfect wedding lotus flower ring or the most beautiful jewel, stay with us.

10 Types of Rings According to the Occasion

Anillo de promesa, durante el noviazgo (Promise Ring, During Courtship)

Promise rings tend to be simple and evoke the desire to stay together, fidelity, and the purest and most innocent love. These are given during the courtship as a representation of a serious and responsible relationship and the desire to be united for the rest of life.

Frequently, they have a subtle dedication like a small stone or a date engraved on the inside.

Anillos de pedida, para la pedida de mano (Engagement Rings, for the Proposal)

These rings are designed to ask for the bride’s hand in marriage; therefore, they usually have a precious stone that represents eternal love. Although the design of this engagement ring is up to the couple’s taste, it should be worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

Alianzas para llevar a cabo la ceremonia (Wedding Bands for the Ceremony)

Made of gold or silver, wedding bands or rings are given during the wedding ceremony as a symbol of eternal union.

The metals in this type of ring represent the durability and beauty of love and marriage and usually have some engraving or, in very specific cases, a small

Anillo de eternidad, para celebrar un aniversario (Eternity Ring, to Celebrate an Anniversary)

The eternity ring consists of a complete row or band of gemstones, such as diamonds. It represents the desire to stay with the beloved until the end of days and is therefore often given during a significant anniversary.

Churumbela para una ocasión especial (Churumbela for a Special Occasion)

While there are different designs of churumbelas, this type of ring is characterized by having a lavish result, with numerous small diamonds.

It is given to celebrate a very special event, such as the birth of the first child. It can replace the wedding band; however, it is also common to wear the churumbela alongside the wedding ring, to remember two of the most beautiful and important moments of married life.

Anillo del pasado, presente y futuro (Past, Present, and Future Ring)

To represent these three states of time and all that the couple has experienced together, this type of ring has three precious stones or diamonds. It is usually given on the tenth anniversary when the love of the lovers is renewed.

Anillo de cóctel, para un evento de renombre (Cocktail Ring, for a Prestigious Event)

Elegant and fun, the cocktail ring represents the diversity and freedom of the wearer. Therefore, it is made up of stones of different sizes, shapes, and colors, creating an eye-catching and flashy jewel.

To wear the cocktail ring correctly, it needs to be placed on the right hand and used on an appropriate and special occasion.

Anillo para los nudillos, en busca de la modernidad (Knuckle Ring, Seeking Modernity)

With a smaller diameter and lower height, knuckle rings are usually worn on the first or second phalanx to add a touch of distinction, visibility, and femininity to the hand. The variety of these rings is truly wide, and you can find them in various designs.

Anillo trinity o francés (Trinity or French Ring)

Louis Cartier, motivated by the request of his friend Jean Cocteau, conceived this jewel, creating the acclaimed triply saturnienne ring. Ideal for both men and women, this type of ring is formed by three different bands of various metals, intertwined with each other, as an analogy to fidelity, love, and friendship.

Anillo Toi et moi, para quienes buscan la fusión (Toi et Moi Ring, for Those Seeking Fusion)

Finally, the French Toi et Moi or “you and me” ring gives rise to an artistic and romantic composition of great beauty. Formed by two very similar diamonds or gems, facing each other, this jewel represents the union of two different people who find an excellent complement in each other.

One of the most exciting and intimate choices.

The 10 types of rings we have selected have the features that beautify the hands of those who wear them: light, durability, and high quality. With them, we not only assure you of wearing a beautiful and unique piece, but also that your jewelry can be passed on to the next generation.

Did you like the different types of rings that exist? This is just a small sample of the designs we create in our jewelry store in Valencia. If you want, you can contact me, and I will personally advise you to have the perfect ring for every occasion.

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