Types of baby sheets

Types of baby sheets

5 de April de 2023 0 By rafael31101996

If you’ve already decided which crib your child will use, then it’s time to choose the bedding to compose the little trousseau . It is worth remembering that the quality of the material, the type of fabric and filling are essential aspects to ensure the comfort of the little one. Therefore, one of the main items is the baby sheet.

To help with the choice, we show here the types of sheets, the best material for the child, what needs to be taken into account, the amount needed to compose the trousseau and what care needs to be taken. So keep reading and stay on top of it all!

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How is the crib sheet?

The crib sheet is one size smaller than the single bed sheet. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the type of crib chosen, as sizes may vary. In addition, there are two types of sheets: the bottom, attached to the mattress; and the top one, used to cover the child.

Generally, the underside has elastic around the edges so that it stays securely attached to the mattress. As the child tends to move around a lot during the night, this prevents the sheet from loosening or forming creases. The top part is a little bigger, sized just right to cover the baby.

How to choose a baby sheet?

When it comes to cribs, there are several models available on the market, and many differ in mattress size . Likewise, sheets vary in measurements.

For example, the American crib pattern usually measures 1.30 mx 0.70 m, and the sheet should always be slightly larger to ensure correct coverage and fit; in turn, the detachable model measures 1.15 m by 0.80 m. So, first, you need to measure the mattress. In this way, you will not go wrong in choosing the size of the baby sheet .

Which fabric is recommended for children’s sheets?

Fabric is another item that should be looked at very carefully when buying bedding. After all, babies’ skin is much thinner and more sensitive than an adult’s. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a material that is soft, delicate and, at the same time, resistant.

Some fabrics cause allergies, rashes or rashes and can make little ones uncomfortable and irritated. So, whenever possible, buy sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases made from 200 thread count percale, 100% cotton. This is the best option, as it allows the baby’s skin to breathe well, in addition to being extremely soft.

How many sheets are needed?

As you always need to change, it is relevant to have about 4 games. Also, it’s good to have approximately 3 extra loose sheets. This is because there are always incidents with regurgitation and diaper leaks.

In the market, there are a multitude of alternatives, with different colors and models. You can also choose to buy a crib kit , which comes with two sheets: the bottom one, with elastic, and the top one, to cover, in addition to a pillowcase in the same material to ensure softness when accommodating the baby.

As they come together, the colors and prints will combine and further enhance the decor. For everything to be more harmonious, buy separate sheets that match the theme of the decoration, with the kit and also with the crib skirt .

Anyway, the baby sheet is one of the main items of the trousseau. Don’t forget to measure the mattress and make sure the bottom sheet has elastic bands. In addition, it needs to be of good quality, to withstand many washes, and anti-allergic, soft and delicate, to ensure the comfort of the little one when sleeping.