How to choose an SEO agency? Step by step not to make a mistake

How to choose an SEO agency? Step by step not to make a mistake

30 de May de 2023 0 By rafael31101996

If you want to stand out on the internet and have your website ranking among the main search results on Google, it is essential to have the work of an SEO agency.

That’s because professionals specialized in this area can help devise the best strategies to increase organic traffic to your website, increasing the possibilities of conversion.

But, after all, how to make a good choice and opt for a qualified SEO agency that will really bring concrete results for your business?

With that in mind, we have brought you some fundamental tips for you to make the right choice and work with the right SEO agency. Follow!

What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a set of strategies aimed at optimizing a website or any other page model so that it appears among the main results of search engines such as Google.

Within these strategies, it is possible to work on the use of keywords, content optimization according to Google’s good practices, in addition to other more advanced techniques to make a website more responsive, faster and capable of providing a good user experience.

With the constant changes in Google’s algorithm, it is essential that a website is always up to date and focused on good SEO, which makes the work of a specialized team essential.

And it’s a fact: many companies have already understood that a well-done and long-term SEO is the way to succeed in organic search. Data from a recent survey carried out by Conversion shows that investments in SEO are at the top of preference among companies in 2022, with 50.2%, alongside Content Marketing , with 48.9%.

In other words, if you invest or are thinking of investing in digital, SEO is essential!

What does an SEO agency do?

In this context, an SEO agency will be responsible for devising the best strategies for your business. Below are some examples of assignments and activities that will be the responsibility of an agency specializing in SEO:

SEO audit on the site, with analysis of structure, links and content;

Keyword research relevant to website pages;

Improvements that can be made on the website itself (SEO On Page) and outside it (Off Page) to improve the experience and page loading speed;

Technical consultancy on the development of websites with a focus on SEO;

Link building strategies and much more.

How to Choose an SEO Agency

Now that you have in mind the importance of SEO and what a specialized agency does, how to choose good strategic partners to leverage your business?

Below, we list some essential tips to help you in this choice:

Don’t choose who promises you the first position on Google

It may seem contradictory, but the first tip on how to choose an SEO agency is to avoid those that guarantee results like the first position on Google.

As much as this is a way to go, the promise of a #1 is empty. This is because there is simply no way to guarantee this result, since there are many factors that influence the ranking of a website.

Competition, market niche, seasonality, an algorithm update and many other factors can interfere with this result, showing that this type of promise is somewhat irresponsible. Quality SEO takes time!

So, as much as number one can come after a lot of work and time, it’s good to keep an eye out if you receive this kind of promise!

Focus on relationship and transparency

More than a company hired to perform a service, an SEO agency should be a strategic partner for your business.

Therefore, the idea is that you find a company focused on relationships, allowing both sides to be in constant contact to exchange information, insights, discuss strategies and propose solutions. Keeping active communication channels like Slack, Skype or WhatsApp, for example, always needs to be a routine.

In this relationship, transparency must also be fundamental: it is necessary to be clear about the entire process and steps to be performed, deadlines, task delivery date, best and worst paths within a strategy, etc.

To find out if an SEO agency has the above attributes, see how it positions itself and look for references such as the clients it has, and feedback from the market.

Be wary of very low values

Good SEO work is valued in the market.

Therefore, when you come across offers of very low values, be suspicious. The amount of SEO agencies today is large, but not all are properly qualified.

In other words, what is cheap today may be expensive tomorrow! The ideal is to invest in quality, allowing the chosen agency to be your long-term partner.

Analyze the company profile and successful cases

What is the company, who are the agency’s specialists and what work has already been done?

Conducting a search on the website, social networks and other channels will help you better understand the profile of the company and the professionals who work there.

In addition, another key point is to analyze the agency’s successful cases. Check the website for examples of work already done, what strategies were used and the results obtained.

By having this information in hand, it will be possible to understand if this is, in fact, a qualified team to be part of your project and help you grow in digital.