Choosing Earrings for Short Hair

Choosing Earrings for Short Hair

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When you have short hair, the choice of owl earrings is crucial because they will frame your face, enhance it with color and texture. Although it may seem contradictory, two types of earrings suitable for women with short hair are, on one hand, eye-catching and large earrings with volume, and, on the other hand, minimalist or button-type earrings, which will also be perfect. The key is to direct attention and attraction to the face.

Earrings for Short Hair According to Face Shape

Earrings for Short Hair According to Earring Shape

However, there is a type of earring that is not ideal if you have short hair: in this case, you should avoid excessively long earrings that almost reach shoulder height because they divert attention from the face and focus it on the shoulders.

It is important to maintain a balanced proportion both with the hairstyle and with the rest of the jewelry. Therefore, if you are wearing, for example, a significant necklace that draws attention, do not overload the look with large earrings; opt for small, flat, or button earrings that complement but do not distract. If, on the other hand, you are wearing a light necklace or a narrow choker, in this case, you can pay more attention to the earrings, choosing them larger and more eye-catching.

Face Shape

The general rule recommends always choosing earrings that have the opposite shape to the natural shape of the face.

Round Face

If your face is round, meaning the cheekbones are wide in the central part, the best earrings for you will be long, even down to the chin. Visually, the length of the earrings will balance the width of the cheekbones. Thin, long earrings with a geometric pendant at the end (ideal if it’s rectangular or square) will contrast with the round shape of the face.

Angular Face

If your face has very angular features, you should use short earrings that break those angular lines. The best option in general will be short, round earrings, although you can use any other shape. But regarding the length, they should always be short.

Oval Face

If your face is oval, any type of earring can suit you since it’s the most balanced shape. Short or long earrings, thin or wide, can be a good choice and depend solely on your personal preference.

Square Face

If your face is square, and the jawline is the most prominent feature, choose earrings that frame your face and give it verticality to lengthen your features. The best choice will be long and extra-long earrings, but they should be thin and not too bulky, providing an optical elongation effect. Smooth bars and chains are fantastic options.

Earring Shape

Depending on the shape of the earring, we can differentiate between different types:

Long Earrings

As long as they are not excessively long, they are perfect for wearing with short hair. This type of earring creates an optical lengthening effect on the face and is recommended, especially for square or round faces.

Short and Small Earrings

These are the most flattering in the case of very short or radical haircuts, as they frame the face. Whether simple or more ornamental, they will emphasize and add a touch of femininity to your look.

Minimalist Earrings

They are ideal when you want to give prominence to another piece of jewelry, ensuring that the result is not excessive. For example, if you’re wearing a significant necklace or choker. In this case, minimalist earrings will add a touch of elegance without overloading the overall look.

Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings never go out of style and are ideal when you have short hair. The shorter your hair, the larger the hoop should be for a fashionable look. Their rounded shape subtly softens longer, thin, and angular faces. However, they are not the most suitable for round or square faces.

Earcuffs or Ear Party

Filling your earlobe with mini earrings, whether independent or in a single ear cuff (also called crawler earrings), is a good idea when you have short hair to achieve a unique and personalized look.

But, as with almost everything, the best earring for short, long, or medium hair is the one you like the most and makes you feel most comfortable. Feel free to try different types until you find your favorite!

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